Business communications: Top 7 List of Common Mistakes

  1. Don’t place someone on speaker without first telling all parties involved in the call.
  2. Don’t assume everyone knows who is on the call. Let everyone know who is in the conference call with you. (By the way, if you are using Switchvox conferencing features, it will prompt you to announce yourself when you arrive.)
  3. Mute your phone if you dial in from a public area (yes, the restroom is considered a public area), cubicle, or open area. Most people would prefer not to participate in your call and would prefer not to hear about Aunt Ida’s recent surgery. You should also consider shutting your office door if you, or anyone on the bridge, is a loud talker.
  4. Don’t multi-task while using the speakerphone. If you must work on other tasks, do so quietly. There is nothing worse than feeling like the person on the other end of the phone is not engaged in the call.
  5. Refrain from having side conversations while participating on calls. It makes it difficult for those on the call to understand the dialogue if there is more than one conversation-taking place in the conference room.
  6. Avoid loud snacks, smacking of gum, slamming of office drawers, crying babies, barking dogs or basically any noise that will be magnified and hinder communication with other participants.
  7. Don’t shout into the speakerphone. HD is sensitive and you may come across louder than you intended! And, if you decide to move the phone around the room, keep in mind that the audience on the other side will hear it loud and clear.

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